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Creating a FIRST IMPRESSION That Becomes the LASTing One!

download (20)For any product or a brand to get established and become popular, much depends on the first impression it gives to people. Businesses allocate huge budgets towards making their brand/product more and more popular and heartily accepted by the end-users. However, a ‘First Impression’ is the first step towards building a Brand Image – be it a product, service, an organization, or even an individual.

According to many ‘Leadership Skills‘ development experts, a ‘First Impression’ is a notion that is felt when an individual comes into a direct or indirect contact with either another individual, object, place or a situation. The event of a meeting between two sides for matrimonial purposes is the perfect example to be imagined to explain best a ‘First Impression’. No doubt, both sides put up their best foot to the fore!

Such a ‘First’ impression may or may not produce the desired experience of pleasant emotions, may or may not be a lasting one or simply may change over a period of time. Consider a bright business prospect being contacted either in person, on by phone or through an e-Mail. A well-articulated, crisp, concise and to-the-point written e-mail will enable the customer to derive positivity through it. The following phone call, again crisp, concise and full of professional mannerisms will somewhat ADD ON to the positivity generated by the previous e-mail. Thereafter, an in-person meeting with the prospect will give a better insight of an individual’s personality and the organization he/she represents. Upon the prospect’s visit to the business premises, a well-decorated office and well-groomed employees will emboss a permanent stamp of an IMPRESSION that the prospect will carry for the lifetime.

Hence, it is very necessary to create a positive ‘First Impression’ that provides a ‘feel good’ factor and thus, reaping profits for the business enterprise! Let’s give a brief look at the fundamentals of creating a good ‘First Impression’.

What are the most elementary and basic fundamentals that make a good ‘FIRST IMPRESSION’?

˜ Customer’s Moments of truth – One should look forward to delivering some moments of truth that every prospective customer may expect. One must consider such moments of truth as a set of opportunities to impress the customer and convert the interaction into eventual sales.

With a clear focus, one can manage these moments of truth for a positive outcome!

  • Recognize and prioritize the ‘Contact’ points that created positivity for the customer,
  • Develop better responses to be presented to the customer,
  • Make out and opt for the best ‘Customer Delighting’ responses,
  • Create a quality ‘benchmark’ of products and services offered,
  • Measure the ‘Happiness’ and ‘fulfillment’ levels regularly.

Most management experts and sales trainers preach that a regular improvement in the quality of moments of truth experienced by the customer enhances their loyalty factor.

˜ Reality versus Perception – The way two different individuals look at a situation may or may not vary. The basic reason lies in the ‘awareness’ about the subject matter and its innate facts and the same gives rise to either a ground reality or a mere perception of an unaware insight of the individual. Most management ‘Gurus’ who are instructors of “Professional Skills” development, duly acknowledge that many and most individuals perceive their workplace as no less than a theatre of ‘WAR’ existing inside the workplace framework. Scary enough! Many crew members feel hastened or overcome at work due to the ‘perception’ they have in their minds about their ‘workloads’. This perception differs to a substantial extent, from the thought processes of their superiors. The superiors, however, must regularly apprise their peers with the ‘reality’ that might be lying in-between. This can bring in some concrete benefits in terms of perceptions being absorbed as a far better reality!

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