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Most people don’t plan on being caught in survival situations. Unfortunately, it’s not up to us to decide if, where, and when emergencies happen. Because of this, it’s always best to be ready for such an emergency. You can prepare yourself mentally, but there are also physical steps that you can take to prepare for an emergency.

The best way to prepare for an emergency is to have a survival kit on hand. You could build your own survival kit to match your specific needs and desires, but that requires a lot of dedication and time.

If you want an effective, quick, and simple solution, you can grab the best survival kit from the list below. This way, you’re always prepared to stay alive during any emergency until you can find help.

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (1)

The following best survival kits are pre-built to match specific emergencies, so it’s important to note that not every single one will have the same equipment and supplies in them.

Some kits are all-in-one survival kits that include food and water, while others work as complementary kits to take with you when you go hiking or camping. We’ve tried to acknowledge the differences between each kit, but we would like to point out that the best survival kit for you will match your own personal needs and activities.

No survival kit’s best for everyone – so make sure that you make sure that the one you pick is one that’s going to match your needs before settling on one.

Best Overall Choice

1. Best Overall - Aokiwo Emergency Survival Kit

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (2)


You’ll be shocked at the amount of gear that the Aokiwo Emergency Survival Kit has inside a small bag. It has everything you might need, including basic first aid, a flashlight, compass, and 550 cord. But some wilderness-oriented items aren’t found in many survival kits, including a fishing kit and wire saw.

Those who are tactically minded will also appreciate the folding knife and defense pen included in this best survival kit. The whole kit comes with 126 pieces of equipment that come in a MOLLE pouch. It’s the best survival kit to add to your hiking backpack, camper, care, or anywhere else you may need survival gear.


  • 126-piece survival kit
  • Great for beginners
  • High-quality items


  • Everything is crammed into the small bag

2. Kosin Survival Gear

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (3)


The Kosin Survival Gear is a small survival kit with a few roadside tools that will come in handy if you ever find yourself stranded. The kit comes with two screwdrivers and a multitool with multiple wrench sizes, a ruler, bottle opener, can opener, saw blade, and a cutting edge.

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These are in addition to other tools that you might need in remote environments like a pocketknife, fire starter, thermal blanket, compass, and wire saw. You’ll also receive basic first aid supplies.

This is the best survival kit if you need something small and compact. It comes with 18 pieces of equipment in a hard-plastic waterproof case. It’s much more durable than other survival kits, but it’s also less portable. The best place to put this survival kit is in your vehicle.


  • Small, compact 18-piece survival kit
  • Case is waterproof
  • Easy to put in your car to have in case of emergencies


  • It can be challenging to get things back in place after opening

3. Everlit Tactical Survival Kit

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (4)


If you want something with more than just the basics, the Everlit Tactical Survival Kit might be more up your alley. This 43-liter backpack is full of different tools that will help you survive in the wilderness alone and even boasts MOLLE webbing so you can add extra gear.

Inside you’ll find 100 feet of 550 cord, a compass, fire starter, flashlight, a poncho, and a 100-piece first aid kit. It also has a removable two-liter hydration bladder.

The backpack itself is made from water-resistant, thick fabric and has padded straps and ventilated back support to keep you comfortable.


  • Includes a hydration bladder
  • Great price
  • High-quality material and equipment


  • Could use more carrying support

4. Sustain Supply Co. Essential Kit

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (5)


This is the best survival kit for two people without looking like a survival kit. With this kit, you’ll have enough clean water and food for 72 hours, which is important if you’re in a natural disaster situation that makes clean drinking water impossible to find.

In addition to the 12 pre-packaged water bottles, you also get a filtration system that will purify any water you find along the way. There are also snap lights and an LED lantern to help make navigating at night safer.

It also comes with two emergency blankets, 550 cord, and a knife that you can use to make a shelter. Finally, as with all legitimate survival kits, this one comes with a first aid kit as well. This is the best survival kit for couples and works best in urban areas where sustenance is a higher priority than navigation.


  • Great for couples
  • High-quality equipment
  • There’s room for some additional equipment inside the bag


  • The zipper breaks easily
  • Heavy because of the water bottles

Best Premium Choice

5. Best Premium - Prep Store Elite Emergency Pack

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (6)


This is the best survival kit if you have the budget to be fully prepared for anything. Your need for water is already taken care of, thanks to a filtration system, a two-liter bladder, and a two-gallon container.

Shelter is provided in the form of a one-person tent, mosquito net, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag. You also get the tools necessary for building, fishing, and hunting. It includes rechargeable electronics, such as a flashlight supplemented by solar power, so you never have to worry about dead batteries.

You’ll be safe with the extensive first aid kit and can call for help using the two-way radio. While it’s an expensive survival kit, it’s the best survival kit for the money you spend and the protection you receive.


  • Includes virtually everything you would need in an emergency
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Expensive

Best Budget Choice

6. Best Budget - S.O.L. Traverse Tin Survival Kit

This handheld survival kit is perfect for adventurers, hikers, and campers in general. The SOL (short for Survive Outdoors Longer) Traverse Tin is made to be lightweight, easy to pack. It comes fully loaded with outdoor-focused survival gear – including a 100-decibel whistle, water purification tablets, waterproof fire starter, an emergency blanket, and more.

Keep in mind that it’s designed to be a supplementary kit rather than a standalone kit because it doesn’t have any food or water rations.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Secure latching mechanism on the tin
  • High-quality items


  • Not a standalone kit

7. Judy the Mover Max

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (8)


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Judy has become one of the top survival kit names because of its unique minimalist style and overall approachability. Judy’s model is designed specifically on building survival kits for American families because natural disasters are becoming more frequent, and most Americans don’t have survival plans in place.

This particular survival kit is made with a waterproof roll-top high-vis backpack and has enough emergency supplies for a family of four for 72 hours. This survival kit includes dust masks, a multitool, a radio, water and food rations, medical supplies, and more.


  • You get a lot of value with this kit
  • Supplies a family of four
  • Everything inside the pack is good for a few years


  • On a waitlist

8. MyMedic The Recon Kit

If your main concern in an emergency is the ability to treat and dress any type of wound, then this is the best survival kit for you. This is a comprehensive kit focused on first aid and comes with dozens of supplies ranging from splints to bandages and everything else.

The whole kit comes in a tactical-style durable nylon backpack with MOLLE webbing so you can add modular attachments. It’s perfect as a comprehensive medical survival kit to go with your other emergency supplies.


  • Comprehensive medical equipment
  • Durable
  • Plenty of storage


  • Only contains medical supplies

9. Uncharted Supply Co. The Seventy2 Pro Survival System

If you’ve done any research about pre-built survival kits – or at the least on the brands – you might have come across Uncharted Supply Co. This kit made rounds a few years back when there wasn’t anything like it on the market at that time – a two-person, fully-equipped survival kit in a backpack.

There have been many copycats throughout the years, but Uncharted is still the best survival kit maker. This survival kit will last one to two people for 72 hours and is filled with first aid, rations, tools, and so much more.


  • Up to 2 people can use this kit
  • Professional-grade tools
  • Waterproof shell backpack


  • A bit pricey
  • It can be difficult to find in stock

Different Types of Survival Kits

There’s no such thing as a perfect survival kit because you have to prioritize and make sacrifices. If your survival kit were to have everything you needed, it would be called a preppers basement, and that’s far too big to carry.


So, the most important thing you can do when picking the best survival kit is to know what’s most important.

Are you worried about breaking down in a remote area? Do you want to keep a survival kit on your boat? Are you in an area that deals with hurricanes that cause flooding and power outages?

The best survival kit will be designed to take on whatever you’re concerned about. There is a wide range of pre-packaged survival kits that you can find online that come in various sizes as large as a camping pack and as small as a MOLLE pouch.

Key Features

The best survival kit will have these key features:


There are survival kits with little more than a basic first aid kit and fire starter, whereas others will provide you shelter and food. You need to decide where your survival kit will land on the preparedness spectrum, and this will determine the size of your kit.


The best survival kit is designed to keep you alive. But not every survival kit goes about this the same way. Some include necessities (i.e., water and food), while others have tools that help you find them. The type of survival kit you go with will depend on how long you think you’ll need to survive.

Intended Use

What’s the purpose of your survival kit? Is it a roadside assistance pouch or a bugout bag? It doesn’t matter which one it is, you’ll still need to customize your survival kit, but pre-made options are a great starting point if you don’t know where to begin.


Survival kits have different claims to fame, so pick the one that is of the most value to you. There are several great options that you can buy that prioritize self-defense, wilderness survival, and food and water.

Benefits of the Best Survival Kit

The obvious benefit of the best survival kit is not dying. But they can also save you money and time. Instead of having to scour the internet for lists of gear and having to find all of the tools and supplies, you can purchase the best survival kit and have all of the equipment already picked out.

This means that the hard work is done for you; all you have to do is go through the kit and add anything missing. Another benefit to the best survival kit is that they’re designed to be portable, so they often come pre-packaged and organized.

9 Best Survival Kits of 2022 | Boat Safe | Water Sports, Product Reviews, and Nautical News (11)

Best Survival Kit Price

If you wanted to, you could purchase everything in the best survival kit separately, but that would cost you more time and money than buying a pre-made kit.

Why is this? Because unlike the pre-made kit sellers, you’re not buying the equipment and supplies in bulk. You can find high-quality survival kits for around $30 that are great for putting in your vehicle. You can also purchase kits designed to give you more resources and keep you alive longer for more money.

Ultimately, the best survival kit’s price will depend on what your survival purpose is and how many people you need to keep alive.


The best survival kit will depend on the purpose you want it to serve. Do you want to put it in your car for potential roadside emergencies? Or do you want to add an extra level of survival preparedness to your camping trip?

No matter your purpose, purchasing a pre-made survival kit is a great way to save time and money. Having the best survival kit on hand is the best way to ensure that you’re prepared for any emergency that might come your way.

People Also Ask

There are so many questions that can be asked when it comes to the best survival kit. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the most commonly asked questions and provided answers below.

What Goes into A 72 Hour Emergency Kit?

A basic 72-hour emergency kit should include:

  • Water (at least one gallon per day, per person)
  • Food
  • Hand-powered or battery-powered radio and extra batteries
  • Flashlight(s)
  • First aid kit
  • Whistle
  • Twist ties, garbage bags, baby wipes
  • Maps and compass
  • Solar-powered cell phone charger
  • Pliers or wrench to turn off utilities
  • Duct tape and plastic sheeting, or emergency tents

Again, this is a list of the things that a basic kit should have in it. You should include other items to be more prepared and comfortable during a disaster.

How Much Does a Survival Kit Cost?

The cost of a survival kit will vary depending on the purpose and duration of your survival needs. For example, you can get a roadside assistance survival kit for around $30, whereas a full-blown survival kit for the wilderness can cost around $100 or more.

What is the Number One Survival Tool?

A fire starter is probably the most important survival tool that every survival kit should have because it can be used for cooking food, boiling water, light, and warmth.

How Much Cash Should I Have in My Emergency Kit?

A good rule of thumb is to keep cash on hand in five, ten, and twenty denominations because breaking larger bills can be difficult. To prepare for an emergency situation, it’s recommended that you have at least enough money for one month of expenses on hand at home.

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What Are the 5 Most Important Survival Skills?

There are five basic survival skills that everyone who ventures outdoors should know, including:

  1. How to make fire
  2. How to make shelter
  3. Signaling for help
  4. How to find food and water
  5. First Aid


What is the number one survival tool? ›

Fire Starter

A fire starter is perhaps the single most important survival tool you can have in your kit, because it will help you cook food, boil water, stay warm, and sleep safely without worrying about predators.

What are considered the top three survival items? ›

These priorities may change from time to time depending on the situation, season or weather and a few extra items may be need for a specific environment. The Top 3 Items: Proper Clothing, Means to Light a Fire, and a Survival Knife are the Most Important.

What 10 things would you pack in your survival kit? ›

10 Items to Include in Your Emergency Kit
  • Flashlight. ...
  • Whistle. ...
  • Dust Mask Depending on the emergency, you may need a mask to help protect you against contaminated air.
  • Local Maps. ...
  • Manual Can Opener. ...
  • Battery-powered or Hand Cranked Radio. ...
  • Books, games, puzzles or other activities for children. ...
  • First Aid Kit.
16 Sept 2021

What should be in a wilderness survival kit? ›

10 Items to Add to Your Wilderness Survival Kit
  1. Map & Compass. Technology can be a great tool, especially with GPS, however it's important to not solely depend on your smartphone when you're lost in the backcountry. ...
  2. First-Aid Kit. ...
  3. Signal Mirror. ...
  4. Fire Starter. ...
  5. Water Purification System. ...
  6. Knife. ...
  7. Cordage. ...
  8. Fishing Line and Hooks.
22 Feb 2018

What is the best survival weapon? ›

Shotgun. Without any doubt, a twelve or twenty-gauge shotgun is one of the most effective self-defense weapons you can carry. Its versatility of ammunition makes it the best survival weapon. You can easily carry it in your vehicle when traveling in a dangerous area.

What is the first thing to do in a survival situation? ›

10 Things You Need To Come Out Of A Survival Situation Alive
  • Planning Ahead. Before you head out, take a moment to let someone know where you are going. ...
  • Pack a Survival Kit. I cannot stress this enough. ...
  • First Aid. ...
  • Fire. ...
  • Shelter. ...
  • Water. ...
  • Keep Dry. ...
  • Stay Put and Signal.

What is the most important survival item? ›

  • FIRST-AID SUPPLIES – First Aid Kit. ...
  • FIRE – Matches, lighter and fire starters. ...
  • REPAIR KIT AND TOOLS – Duct tape, knife, screwdriver, and scissors. ...
  • NUTRITION – Food. ...
  • HYDRATION – Water and Water Treatment Supplies. ...
  • EMERGENCY SHELTER – Tent, space blanket and tarp.
23 Mar 2021

What are the 7 main things to keep in mind when in a survival situation? ›

These 7 components are: food, water, first aid, warmth & shelter, sanitation & hygiene, lighting & communication and other survival gear.

What is the most important thing to survive? ›

Recap of the essentials

Everything else aside, there are 4 things the human body must have to survive: water, food, oxygen, and a functioning nervous system. Humans can last a little while without food or water, but life would immediately be over without oxygen or a working nervous system.

How long should supplies in survival kit last? ›

In an emergency, you will need some basic supplies. You may need to get by without power or tap water. Be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. You may have some of the items already, such as food, water and a battery operated or wind-up flashlight.

What every prepper should have? ›

Here's what you need:
  • Reliable, High-Quality Torch. One of the most common emergencies is a blackout, so owning a reliable, high-quality torch is a no-brainer. ...
  • At Least 10 Litres of Water Per Person. ...
  • Canned and Long-Life Foods. ...
  • Heavy-Duty Backpack. ...
  • Radio. ...
  • Batteries. ...
  • Charged Power Banks. ...
  • Swiss Army Knife or Multi-Tool.
15 Mar 2022

Why is whistle important in survival kit? ›

Whistles are one of the best bang-for-the-buck items you can have with you in an emergency or survival situation. Whistles provide a very loud sound that require very little blowing effort. The sound of a whistle will attract rescue personal to your location.

What three things will you show from the survival pack? ›

Survival kits should have supplies and tools to provide basic protection against the elements, meet health and first aid needs, and signal to rescuers.

Why was survivorman Cancelled? ›

Stroud paused the Survivorman series after the third season due to what he described as the significant physical toll of videotaping each episode. As of 2012, reruns from the first three seasons are still broadcast on OLN and Discovery.

How do you survive in the woods alone? ›

Here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for survival situations, and still require very few tools or gadgets.
  1. Build a survival shelter and sleep in it. Start in warm weather, but go back to it multiple times. ...
  2. Learn the bow-drill. ...
  3. Make a basic survival kit. ...
  4. Brush up on your plant & tree ID skills.

What item should you put inside your go bag? ›

Since Go Bag is a Survival Kit, it should have the following contents:
  • Survival Gear. ...
  • Bottled Water. ...
  • Ready-to-eat Food. ...
  • Clothes. ...
  • First Aid Kit. ...
  • Cellphone. ...
  • Power bank or Battery-operated Radio. ...
  • Important Documents.

What 5 things do you need to prepare in anticipation of an earthquake? ›

  • 1 Secure furniture so it can't fall over or fall down.
  • 2 Plan safety measures to avoid injuries.
  • 3 Confirm the strength of your house and walls.
  • 4 Always be ready to extinguish fires.
  • 5 Take steps for fire prevention and early detection.
  • 6 Prepare emergency supplies in advance.

What is a grab and go bag? ›

A grab-and-go bag is a small emergency kit that's easy to take with you, in case you need to leave right away. It's a good idea to make grab-and-go bags for your home, workplace and vehicle. Include: Food (ready to eat) and water. Phone charger and battery bank.

How do you make a go bag? ›

Include the following items in each Go Bag:

Food – 3-day supply. Warmth/Shelter – Emergency blanket, 3 12-hour body warmers, poncho. Medical Supplies – First Aid/medical kit, pain reliever, 3 pairs of medical gloves, and a 3-7 day supply of any required life-saving medications as well as copies of prescriptions.

What do girls put in emergency bags? ›

Things You'll Need
  1. Your backpack or bag wherever you are going to put the other bag.
  2. A small bag to carry the items.
  3. An even smaller bag to carry pads/tampons.
  4. Lip balm.
  5. Deodorant.
  6. Lotion.
  7. Hand Sanitizer.
  8. Toothbrush & toothpaste.

What should be in a school toiletry bag? ›

Consider stocking their school survival kit with some of these items:
  1. Sanitary wipes.
  2. Deodorant.
  3. Floss/Toothpicks.
  4. Mini disposable toothbrush.
  5. Mints or gum.
  6. Hand sanitizer.
9 Aug 2019

What items should you not put in your Go Bag? ›

You should avoid canned goods (which are too heavy) and instead opt for food in pouches or bags. It should be lightweight, non-perishable goods, and designed specifically for camping or survival that can last for at least 3-7 days are the best options to have.

How long should supplies in survival kit last? ›

In an emergency, you will need some basic supplies. You may need to get by without power or tap water. Be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. You may have some of the items already, such as food, water and a battery operated or wind-up flashlight.

What is in a military bug out bag? ›

Bug-out bags vary among survivalists, but in general, bug-out bags will carry key essential items such as a first aid kit, chargers, a water bottle, and a survival knife for protection in a wide range of emergency scenarios.


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