Grid Pad 12 - (2022)

Grid Pad 12 is designed for communication all day, every day, using any access method. Available with or without a second screen, and with Lumin-i eye gaze or Alea Intelligaze eye gaze access.

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Grid Pad 12 - (1)

A flexible solution for people with complex access and communication needs. Grid Pad 12 is a dedicated device and has been designed in collaboration with AAC users. A long 15-hour battery life, rugged design and multiple access options ensure you always have your voice.

Grid Pad 12 - (2)

Key features

  • High spec computer for fast communication
  • 15 hours battery life (10 hours with eye gaze)
  • Antimicrobial casing and screen
  • Use with eye gaze, switches, touch, and USB devices
  • Shock protection, droppable to 1m
  • 12.5” full HD tough antiglare touchscreen
  • Remote power button
  • High quality amplified sound
  • Built-in radio and infrared Environment Control
  • Optional second screen
  • Tactile, water-resistant buttons in convenient locations
  • Multi-angle stand and wheelchair mounting
  • Powered by Grid 3

Communicate all day, every day

Grid Pad 12 - (3)

High spec computer

Grid Pad 12 runs on an Intel core i5 processor, with 8GB RAM and a solid-state hard drive to help you communicate quickly.

Grid Pad 12 - (4)

All-day battery

Grid Pad 12 is designed to help you communicate all day long. The large battery provides up to 15 hours continuous use, or 10 hours with eye gaze.

Grid Pad 12 - (5)

Remote power button

Grid Pad 12 comes with our remote power button, to give you more independence. If you are not physically able to press this power button, you can plug any switch into the button and use it to turn the Grid Pad 12 on.

Antimicrobial technology

Grid Pad 12 is built with an antimicrobial casing and screen to inhibit the growth of bacteria. The Sanitized® technology embedded within the device helps to keep it cleaner for longer – perfect for clinical settings.

Grid Pad 12 - (6)

Grid 3 is the software behind every Grid Pad, with dedicated apps for communicating, controlling your environment, message banking, browsing the internet, using social media, sending emails and text messages, listening to music and more. You’ll find a wide range of AAC resources, designed for people of all ages and different levels of literacy.

Grid Pad 12 - (7)

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Grid Pad 12 - (8)

Tough HD touchscreen display

Grid Pad 12 has a 12.5” HD touchscreen, with a hardened glass display. The anti-glare finish makes it easier to see the screen when you are out and about.


Robust keyguards with secure fastening are available to order for any grid set in Grid 3.

USB access devices

Grid Pad 12 has two USB ports on the back of the device that enable you to use any other type of alternative access device, such as a joystick, trackball, HeadMouse Nano or Quha Zono head mouse.

Grid Pad 12 - (9)

Grid Pad 12 - (10)

Eye gaze access

Turn your Grid Pad 12 into a robust a dedicated eye gaze device with our purpose-built eye gaze module. Available with Lumin-i and Alea IntelliGaze eye tracking technology.

We also have bespoke mounting plates for use with a range of other eye trackers.

Grid 3 AAC software is compatible with the following eye trackers: EyeTech TM5 mini, Alea IntelliGaze, Tobii Dynavox PCEye 5, Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini, Eyegaze Edge, Irisbond Hiru, Irisbond Duo and Seetech.

Switch input

There are two built-in ports for switches. These specially reinforced ports are also recessed for added protection.

Auditory feedback

The headphone socket can be used for auditory feedback, useful for people with visual impairment. In Grid 3, this enables you to hear what a cell will say before you choose to select it.

Grid Pad 12 - (11)

Grid Pad 12 - (12)

Built to be heard

Grid Pad 12’s integrated speakers have been engineered to produce high quality sound and volume – to help get your message across effectively, wherever you are.

Mounting and positioning options

Rehadapt and Daessy mounting options give you choice and flexibility in every environment. Use Grid Pad 12 anywhere with the variable angle desk stand.

Environment control

Grid Pad 12 comes with built-in infrared and radio Environment Control. There is a front-facing infrared learning window to make inputting commands easier.

Popular accessories

Grid Pad 12 - (13)

Second screen

The second screen accessory helps you get your message across by showing it on the rear of your device.

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(Video) Introducing Grid Pad 15

Grid Pad 12 - (14)


A bespoke Smartbox rucksack with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

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Three years of Smart Care

Three years of Smart Care are included with Grid Pad 12. This is available in the UK and Ireland only, and includes:

  • Three-year warranty on your device
  • Free repairs, including one case of accidental damage per year
  • Guaranteed access to a swap out device if you need a repair

Grid Pad 12 - (15)


  • Grid Pad 12 specification
  • Grid Pad 12 overview
  • Camera unit guide (March 2020)
  • Camera unit guide – Dutch (October 2018)
  • Keyguard installation guide (Nov 2018)
  • Keyguard installation guide – Dutch (Nov 2018)
  • Keyguard installation guide – Norwegian (Jan 2020)
  • Pairing the Remote Power Button (2019)


  • Grid Pad 12 manual – UK (Nov 2019)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – Swedish (Dec 2020)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – Norwegian (Jan 2020)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – Czech (Oct 2018)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – French (Oct 2018)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – Dutch (Oct 2018)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – Greek (Jan 2019)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – Italian (Jan 2019)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – German (March 2022)
  • Grid Pad 12 manual – US (Jan 2019)
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What was the grid pad used for? ›

The GRiDPad was "designed to streamline the chores of workers such as route delivery drivers and claims adjusters, who typically recorded data on paper forms." Some of the agencies that used the GRiDPad included Chrysler, San Jose Police Department, and even the US Government.

What is Smartbox AAC? ›

Smartbox is a leading global provider of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solutions that give disabled children and adults a voice and enable them to live more independently.

What is grid communication? ›

About GRID Communications

GRID Communications Pte Ltd (GRID) is the leading public telecommunications walkie talkie service provider in Singapore. GRID Communications is a joint venture incorporated in December 2000 between Singtel & ST Telemedia each owning 50% equity stake in the company.

What was the first tablet ever made? ›

The first true tablet computers were Cambridge Research's Z88 and Linus Technologies' Write-Top, which were introduced in 1987. The Z88 accepted input through a keyboard that was part of the main tablet unit, while the Write-Top accepted input through a stylus.

How do I use Smartbox? ›

Simply load in your items and then lock and secure them for pick up. At the time of pick up, your belongings will be loaded onto the transport truck and either moved directly to your new location or delivered directly to the SMARTBOX storage facility to be stored.

Who owns smartbox? ›

Brandon Stallings, a Jacksonville native and graduate of Florida State University, started his first vending business while still in school at age 20. Before graduation, he took up an interest in health and wellness, and on February 29th, 2012, launched SmartBox.

How do I contact smartbox? ›

Mailing list. Join the Smartbox mailing list for regular updates and news. You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at

What is grid computing example? ›

While often seen as a large-scale distributed computing endeavor, grid computing can also be leveraged at a local level. For example, a corporation that allocates a set of computer nodes running in a cluster to jointly perform a given task is a simple example of grid computing in action.

What are the five layers of smart grid communication? ›

Synchrophasor Networks for Grid Monitoring. Power Quality Measurement and Fault Detection and Identification. Wireless network access and security. Neighborhood area communication network.

What is smart grid data analytics? ›

Smart grid analytics is the application of advanced analytics methodologies to the data – including predictive and prescriptive analytics, forecasting and optimization. The opportunities for smart grid analytics are expanding because there's exponentially more data available to develop analytical models.

Why is it called a tablet? ›

The word tablet comes from either the Medieval Latin 'tabuleta' meaning 'table' or the Old French 'tablete' meaning 'small table, display counter'. It first appeared in English in the early 1300s to describe a flat stone used to write on, though alternative uses came later.

How much did the first tablet cost? ›

The Tab wasn't an immediate hit, thanks to its $600 price tag. But eventually the prices dropped and the free-and-open-source Android operating system led to more variety and lower-priced devices.

Is a tablet really a computer? ›

Yes, smartphones and tablets are indeed considered computers. A computer is really any device that accepts input from a user, performs calculations on that input, and provides an output to the user.

Do I need TV box if I have smart TV? ›

You don't necessarily need an Android Box if you have a smart TV. That's because smart TVs connect to the internet and have multiple online and streaming apps built into them. And Android boxes often have the same streaming and online apps as Smart TVs.

What channels are on Android TV box? ›

Here are some of the best free live TV apps for Android TV.
  • Pluto TV. Pluto TV provides more than 100 TV channels across several categories. News, sports, movies, viral videos, and cartoons are all well-represented. ...
  • Bloomberg TV. ...
  • JioTV. ...
  • NBC. ...
  • Plex. ...
  • TVPlayer. ...
  • BBC iPlayer. ...
  • Tivimate.

What is smart box delivery? ›

Smart Box - Air Express and Smart Box - Ground Express are convenient, economic, packaging units priced to include a door-to-door delivery service within India. The units come in 2 sizes, 10kgs and 25 kgs, and are designed to accommodate a variety of products.

What is grid and its types? ›

Grid is merely a skeleton that helps arrange the items on your page, so use it wisely. Four types of grid layouts can help you establish a well-balanced landing page. Use Block, Multicolumn, Modular, and Baseline grids to create a visual hierarchy on your page, and you are guaranteed to increase your conversions.

Who uses grid computing? ›

Grid computing aims to make all computing resources available constantly on a 24/7 basis. Many large corporations such as Boeing and Pratt & Whitney are currently using computational grids to improve their operations.

What is grid computing PDF? ›

At its most basic level, grid computing is a computer network in which each computer's resources are shared with every other computer in the system. Processing power, memory and data storage are all community resources that authorized users can tap into and leverage for specific tasks.

What is smart grid PDF? ›

Smart Grid is a concept for transforming the electric power grid by using advanced automatic control and communications techniques and other forms of information technology. It integrates innovative tools and technologies from generation, transmission and distribution all the way to consumer appliances and equipment.

What are the five challenges of smart grid? ›

The US DOE has classified smart grid applications into six functional categories: (i) advanced metering infrastructure; (ii) demand response; (iii) wide-area situational awareness; (iv) distributed energy resources and storage; (v) electric transportation; and (vi) distribution grid management [3].

What is smart grid concept? ›

Definition. Smart Grid is an Electrical Grid with Automation, Communication and IT systems that can monitor power flows from points of generation to points of consumption (even down to appliances level) and control the power flow or curtail the load to match generation in real time or near real time.

What is power grid data? ›

POWERGRID, as on 30th June 2021, owns & operates around 172,154 ckm of Extra High Voltage (EHV) transmission lines spread over the length and breadth of the country and 262 EHV AC & HVDC Sub-stations with transformation capacity of more than 446,940 MVA.

What is the role of big data in smart grid? ›

A great deal of data analytics algorithms and applications are being implemented focusing on data analysis for smart grid. The principal job of big data analytics in smart grid is to extract valuable information from historical data and to plan the operation and maintenance for future [24].

What is smart grid in big data? ›

The Smart Grid (SG) network makes it possible to integrate electrical resources from different origins such as conventional energy and renewable energy; technological resources such as automated systems, smart consumer devices, electrical energy storage, and data storage.

Did Apple invent the tablet? ›

In 1972, Alan Kay, an American Computer scientist, came up with the concept of a tablet (named Dynabook), which he detailed in his writings that he later published. Kay envisioned a personal computing device for children that works pretty much like a PC.

Who invented the first tablet medicine? ›

In 1843, the British painter and inventor William Brockedon was granted a patent for a machine capable of "Shaping Pills, Lozenges and Black Lead by Pressure in Dies". The device was capable of compressing powder into a tablet without use of an adhesive.

Where was the first tablet invented? ›

1. The Dynabook (1968) You could say that the idea for a tablet computer was born back in the 1960s. When Alan Kay and his colleagues at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre dreamt up the Dynabook, they envisaged a portable tablet-style device that would primarily serve to give children easy access to any digital media.

What was the first Android tablet? ›

In 2008, the first plans for Android-based tablets appeared. The first products were released in 2009. Among them was the Archos 5, a pocket-sized model with a 5-inch touchscreen, that was first released with a proprietary operating system and later (in 2009) released with Android 1.4.


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