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  • 1 El-Chara
    • 1.1 Overview
    • 1.2 Counterattacks
    • 1.3 Strategy
  • 2 Quarry
    • 2.1 Overview
    • 2.2 Counterattacks
    • 2.3 Strategy
  • 3 Village
    • 3.1 Overview
    • 3.2 Counterattacks
    • 3.3 Strategy
  • 4 City Hall
    • 4.1 Overview
    • 4.2 Counterattacks
    • 4.3 Strategy
  • 5 Fort Ronograd
    • 5.1 Overview
    • 5.2 Counterattacks
    • 5.3 Strategy


Located in the desert on the outskirts of Ronograd, El-Chara is one of the easiest locations to raid and is a perfect place for newcomers to practice their shooting skills. The place is entirely guarded by the RLF, meaning it mostly comprises of riflemen from the organisation.


The main attraction of the location is a desert compound controlled by the RLF. It consists of five buildings, four smaller inaccessible buildings with riflemen patrolling around them or either stationary on lookout and a larger, fifth four storey building where the majority of enemies are, along with hostages. The top floor is open air, with a chance that a marksman may spawn overlooking the entire compound.

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Once the compound has been secured, the RLF will mount counterattacks in an attempt to retake the location.

  • Groups of RLF soldiers of varying numbers will approach from one of the 3 entrances on foot.
  • An Up-Armored Humvee with an M2 turret will approach from the right entrance, while a truck full of riflemen will come from the left.
  • Two Littlebirds fly in from the right and land in the middle of the compound.


  • Make use of cover when approaching the compound, the guards have a wide sight range on the right entrance.
  • Deal with any enemies on the top floor overlooking the compound, especially the marksman.
  • Don’t get too trigger happy in the building. Remember that hostages are located throughout the rooms too, so be careful not to accidentally open fire on one of them.
  • A sniper on the top floor can help eliminate the Humvee M2 gunner should it approach.
  • Grenades can deal with clusters of enemies, most specifically the enemy truck.
    • You can only bring one with you however, aim carefully.
  • Enemies occupying the Little Bird can still open fire on one side. Hurry inside if you see the helicopters approaching, or return fire.


This raid location is very close to Sochraina City, as well as the main road from the FOB to Ronograd City. It is guarded by the RLF and is one of the biggest raid locations on the island. Great for marksmen and CQC-oriented players alike.


The location contains a massive man-made sinkhole with several levels, where civilians can be found working for the RLF with riflemen under watch. The mining site also leads to an even deeper underground mining tunnel with several civilians conducting manual labour with the RLF keeping an eye on them. Some riflemen will patrol the area. There are two guard outposts keeping watch on the quarry perimeter, with one directly facing the road from Sochraina, housing up to 3 RLF riflemen. The other is located to the right side of the paved road to the left of the FOB, right after a stream by the side of the road ends. It houses up to 3 RLF riflemen, guarding different angles. An elevator can be found on the second-last level of the quarry and a direct entrance to the underground mine can be found at the bottom of the hole, while a second elevator can be found in a small separate building away from the hole. Up to three riflemen will be guarding it.

Very rarely, a single PoD marksman will spawn either in the guard tower on the second-last level, or to the side of the road overlooking the hole.


Once the location has been secured, the RLF will mount counterattacks in an attempt to take back the Quarry.

  • RLF riflemen will enter from the road on foot and make their way down into the hole.
  • A truck full of riflemen will approach from the paved road and make its way down the road.
  • Two Little Birds land in the hole, with the riflemen inside disembarking.
  • A Little Bird circles the hole, with its occupants opening fire on visible players.


  • Due to the large size of the hole, a sniper can easily take out any RLF out in the open.
    • If one is planning to clear out the underground mine too however, they should equip an assault rifle due to their versatility.
  • It is recommended to spawn in Sochraina City as it is very close to the Quarry.
  • For a more stealthy approach, one can instead use the second, separate elevator in the small building, away from the majority of the RLF. Remember to take care of the two guards or else the alarm will go off.
  • With the exception of the circling Little Bird, the RLF will try to make their way down into the mine via the tunnel. If they do so it will be considerably harder to track them down and eliminate them. Prevent this from happening by eliminating the riflemen as they make their way; they tend to walk close to the edge.
    • If facing the circling Little Bird or Truck, try shooting the vehicle enough times until it explodes.


On a dirt road away from the main one, the Village is a rural village inhabited by the people of Ronograd until the RLF took over, forcing the inhabitants to work for them or act as hostages in the several houses throughout. A small amount of PoD presence is here too, mainly being Basic riflemen. It is surrounded by large mountains.

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The entire village is littered with RLF guards and the occasional PoD rifleman, a few of them patrolling around. At the entrance is a lookout tower that may either spawn a marksman or a simple rifleman. Concrete barriers and sandbags prohibit vehicles from progressing throughout the village road, often with guards stationed there. Some of the houses are accessible and may contain a few hostages, sometimes under the watch of a guard. The rest of the hostages can be found working in the fields for the RLF.


Once the Village has been secured, the RLF will mount counterattacks in an attempt to retake the location.

  • Groups of RLF riflemen will approach from either the elevated road or the treeline in the surrounding mountains.
  • A Truck or Humvee approaches from the main entrance, deploying riflemen.
  • A Little Bird lands in the middle of the Village, deploying riflemen.
  • A Little Bird circles around the Village, with its occupants firing at visible players.


  • If one decides to attack via road with a stealth approach, they should stop at the turn, disembark, and eliminate any visible guards.
  • The surrounding mountains make for excellent positions for a sniper to shoot from.
    • The Sniper should retreat once the Village is secured, as RLF riflemen may spawn there.
  • Guards can be found in the houses. Attack them through the windows to avoid detection.
  • There is a huge amount of hostages at the Village.As a result, the Truck or Chinook are excellent options for transporting them back to the FOB. As an added bonus for the driver or pilot, they get $50 for transporting each hostage.
  • Due to the amount of fire power from the M2 turret of the Humvee or the rifles of the RLF soldiers in the Truck, remain indoors until the RLF disperse, allowing you to take care of them one by one.
    • If you have a grenade, throw it at the truck to easily eliminate the squad.
  • Keep away from the landing location of the Little Bird to avoid getting riddled with bullets.
    • When facing off against the circling Little Bird, make use of cover while shooting at the helicopter. It is generally better to destroy it rather than eliminate each individual occupant.

City Hall

A 5-floor enemy compound located on the far side of Ronograd City, directly opposite the U.N. Embassy in Ronograd, the City Hall is filled to the brim with PoD of all variants, including Snipers, Advanced Units, and Smokers. There are multiple offices, storage and meeting rooms located within the City Hall, and some hostages are dressed in formal office attire, leading one to believe that up until its takeover by the PoD, the City Hall was a workplace for high-ranking workers in Ronograd. It is surrounded by multiple buildings of different heights and sizes.


The City Hall has three viable infiltration and exfiltration points. The first one is through the main 2-lane road, leading directly into the carpark and foyer of the City Hall. This entrance is heavily guarded by an MG Humvee, as well as several Advanced and Basic units sheltering by the main door and behind green HESC barriers, as well as sandbags and huts reinforcing multiple open windows and kerbs. Furthermore, there is the danger of being shot by PoD Snipers on the roof, so it would be wise to either station one of your own snipers on a roof directly opposite the building to countersnipe, or utilize a peek-and-shoot technique.

The second entrance is behind the compound, through a back door that leads directly to the carpark, which has been converted into sleeping and living quarters for PoD members through the use of tents and generators. This point is also in view of the MG Humvee, hence players looking to infiltrate from here should take care of this threat first as it can pose serious danger to operators unlucky enough to get hit.

Finally, there is a very viable infil and exfil point that can only be accessed by helicopters, located on the roof. It is located behind a cluster of ventilation fans on the right side of the building. This provides very useful cover from defending hostiles on the roof and ground, allowing operators to dismount or rappel down onto the roof safely and assume a perimeter.

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Once the City Hall has been secured, the PoD will mount counterattacks in an attempt to retake the location.

  • Groups of PoD riflemen will approach from the hill overlooking the carpark and move through the back door, or approach from the main road through the main entrance.
  • A small handful of PoD snipers take up positions on the buildings opposite the compound, firing at players who stray out of cover.
  • A Little Bird lands on top of the roof, deploying riflemen.
  • A Little Bird circles around the City Hall, with its occupants firing at visible players.


  • If one is attempting to solo or clear out as much of the base as possible, a good strategy is to equip a sniper or DMR and take up a sniping position on buildings directly opposite from the compound. This enables operators to pick off as many hostiles on the roof or ground as they wish, while taking minimal return fire. Furthermore, it is difficult for MG Humvee gunners to reach you at such an elevated position, allowing you to neutralize them in advance.
  • For players with 2 stars and above It is recommended to spawn in the U.N. checkpoint in Ronograd City, as it is extremely close to the City Hall.
  • Lure the majority of hostiles to the roof by setting off an alarm, then wipe all of them out with a single grenade. Their pathfinding is currently bugged, and they will simply strafe sideways once reaching the roof through a staircase, instead of pushing the player's position.
  • Always use third-person to peek around corners and inside doorways. This goes for every single room in the City Hall, as an Advanced Unit is capable of magdumping and downing an unaware operator in the blink of an eye, unless you are aware of its position.
  • To counter Smokers, it is recommended to either engage from a distance, or draw their aggro at close range and then spray them, before immediately sprinting away to negate most smoke damage. Though it may seem counterintuitive, this works as they cannot return fire while pulling the pin on their smoke grenade. Due to their unpredictable movement patterns, kiting them is not recommended.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, get complacent in checking compartments with third-person. A single lucky spray from a PoD Basic rifleman is still easily enough to down an operator.
  • To take down reinforcement heliopter such as the PoD Littlebirds, simply spray the body of the actual helicopter until it is destroyed. This is more effective than picking off the occupants one by one, especially since you have huge ammo reserves in the form of supply drops.
  • Position yourself on the roof to effectively counter enemies approaching from ground level.
  • In accordance with the large number of enemies, the City Hall houses a respectable number of hostages in rooms across the entire building, comparable to the compound in El-Chara. As a result, it is highly advised to use a vehicle with high capacity for exfiltration, such as the Truck, Sea Stallion or Chinook so as to bring back more hostages.

Fort Ronograd

The most heavily fortified enemy compound in the entire game, second only to the Bunker when the raid mission is active, Fort Ronograd acts as an FOB of sorts for the PoD themselves, with multiple MG Humvees, SAM Humvees, Advanced, Snipers and Smokers littered across the compound. It is not recommended to attempt a solo clear of this base as a new or inexperienced player, as squads even have some difficulty clearing this base if they are not enumerated with the defenses prior to attacking.


The main entrance is heavily guarded by up to 3 SAM Humvees and one MG Humvee, as well as PoD Basic and Advanced Riflemen surveying the compound from the fortress walls and guard posts. Moving deeper into the base, PoD Snipers can be found stationed on helipads, behind strategically-placed sandbags and on radio towers. Occasionally, there may be a Smoker hiding behind the left corner of the main entrance, and players who are unaware of its presence may find themselves quickly being flanked and cut off. Checking for this Smoker is always encouraged as being caught off guard is usually fatal due to the sheer number of enemies.

Multiple enemies, including Advanced units can be found on a metal walkway overlooking the ground and directly parallel to the main entrance's walls. This walkway also connects two helipads with one another, and troops stationed on the helipads tend to flood down the stairs at the sound of gunfire, making them easy pickings. Another MG Humvee can be found at the intersection where the main road to the fortress and the carpark join, guarded by multiple PoD.

The carpark can contain up to 4 SAM Humvees, along with snipers in the adjacent radio towers, and PoD riflemen in the treeline surrounding the Humvees. There is also a third helipad, with sandbag fortifications located close by. Following the main road, you will encounter one more MG Humvee and fierce resistance from entrenched units taking cover behind many sandbags and concrete barriers.

In the back end of the compound, near the observatory, you may find one more SAM Humvee, with a handful of PoD riflemen nearby. It is not uncommon for the base to take a long time to fully clear, as there are multiple pockets in the wooded areas that are difficult to check; and enemies located there will not be alerted by alarms or gunshots, leaving it up to the player(s) to search for and handle said stragglers.

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  • A convoy containing up to two Up-Armored Humvees with mounted M2s and a truck carrying infantry will approach from the tunnel, dropping off up to 20 PoD Riflemen at the Fort entrance or when the convoy is stopped by friendly resistance. Drivers and MG gunners will stay in their seats.
  • A lone PoD Blackhawk will approach from one side of the mountain overlooking the Fort with 8 soldiers and one pilot inside, landing on the western helipad and dropping off 7 soldiers. One soldier will stay on an M134 turret to protect the Blackhawk, and as such should be approached with caution.
  • A group of three PoD Blackhawks will approach the Fort. One will hover around the Fort to provide air support with its mounted turrets, one will land on the western helipad and deploy soldiers in the same pattern, and one will land on the helipad closest to the entrance, upon which some soldiers will dismount.
  • A lone PoD Littlebird will approach from the mountain overlooking the Fort and land on the western helipad, dropping off six total soldiers.
  • A small squad of soldiers will approach the Fort on foot from the right side of the mountain overlooking the Fort, concealed in the snow. Once they reach the main road, they will travel to the Fort via said road.


  • Attack the fort with a large squad, preferably, well experenced players who are well organized as the fort can repersent a challange to even the most seasoned blackhawk players.
  • It is possbile to avoid the SAMs at the base completly by flying low and staying behind buildings. Using this tactic one can safley deposit a large group of soliders in the backside of the fort on the wall.
  • If a more subtle approch isnt your style, theres little to stop an armored push directly into the main entrence using one or more strykers, this could end up being rather expensive for whoever is the driver so keep that in mind.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstances approch the main entrence of the fort with a helicopter! There is a SAM humvee loctated right outside the forts main entrence. You will be blown out of the sky, and the rockets fired from the SAM can ever hit and kill infantry on the ground with the splash damage!

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