How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack- The Ultimate Guide - Survive Wild (2023)

New to the camping and hiking world? And don’t know the right way to pack and attach assault packs and rucksacks? We’re here to help you.

It can seem tricky to attach assault packs to rucksacks. Fear not buddy, we’ve got your back.

So how to attach assault pack to rucksack?

Well, attaching an assault pack to a rucksack is a simple task. Begin by emptying your bags and then placing them aligning the straps and buckles. Then you just attach all the straps to the buckles. Finally, fill up your bags with the gears and tighten all the straps. And that’s it.

This was just a brief overview. Keep reading our article to learn about attaching the assault packs and rucksack in detail.

Table of Contents

  • Features That Make A Rucksack Just Right
  • Features That Make An Assault Pack Perfect
  • How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack?
  • How to Attach an Assault Pack with No Straps to Rucksack?
  • Attaching A Second Pouch to the Assault Pack or Rucksack
  • Quick Tip On Heavy Load And Body Posture
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Features That Make A Rucksack Just Right

Before you begin packing your rucksack, it’s important to buy just the right kind. Rucksacks carry a huge load of equipment starting from clothing, food, guns, compressed fuel tablets like hexamine or trioxane , and many more. If you’re a militant then the list goes on. So, it’s vital to look for the features in your rucksack that make it convenient for you to carry and load up.

So here are the things you should be looking out for when using a rucksack-


The material of the rucksack will definitely be a major factor here. Your bag must be made from quality fabric because it needs to survive the wild.

The rule of thumb is to use packs made from 500D- 1200D Cordura nylon fabric. Forget about the ones made from polyester. You see, nylon fabrics are much heavier and weather resistant. Moreover, they can fall down a mountain and still remain unscathed.

Here’s our recommendation for nylon-made rucksack.

How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack- The Ultimate Guide - Survive Wild (1)How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack- The Ultimate Guide - Survive Wild (2)

Tactical Military Nylon Rucksack

(Video) Basics of Urban Combat Survival and Assault Pack Setup

  • Heavy Duty 1000D Nylon
  • 35 L capacity
  • Molle webing for additional attachments

So, make sure to choose the right kind of material.

Strap & Buckle

Keep in mind that the pack you’re choosing should have the right kind of zippers and straps. Because you’re going to be carrying big loads on your shoulder. So, make sure to wear backpack correctly to avoid backpain. You don’t want the straps to tear on your way to the campsite. So, the straps and buckles must be strong enough to withhold a huge amount of stress and load.

If you’re still confused about what kind of straps to choose, you can look at what’s written in the bag.

Sometimes the brand names of the straps and buckles are written on the pack. So, if you’re a brand lover, you can look into trying out those. Or you can even customize your bag with your choice of straps and buckles.


Now you want to make sure you use a MOLLE pack. MOLLE refers to Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. MOLLE rucksacks have straps and buckles on the external body for attaching other packs.

Moreover, these have a webbing system to insert the straps tightly. The entire purpose of using these bags is to be able to carry extra pouches and gears that you can attach to these bags. If you remember correctly, the nylon rucksack that we recommended above has MOLLE webbing to it.

You can use these packs to attach external pouches depending on your purpose. For instance, you can change a small pouch used for a 3-day camping trip to a bigger one to carry extra load quite easily.


To understand the right volume for your pack, you’ll need to know for what purpose you’re using it. Is it a 3-4 days camp or hike? Depending on that, you can pick the right one.

Usually, people tend to go for bags with a volume of 15-26 liters if they are intending to go for light hikes or a 3-4 days trip. Your 3 day pack contents won’t be too heavy for that.If you are in for light hikes, Protector Plus 25L Military Backpack can be a good pick for you.

But if you’re thinking of a longer stay like a 3-week trip or hike, you’ll need a larger one. For heavier gears, you’d want to go for a larger volume bag of 30-60 liters. The heavier the gear, the larger the volume.

TimeVolume of Bag
3-4 days15-26 liters
3 week or so27-33 liters
Few months330-60 liters


If you’ve got a knack for comfort, you’ll have to try out the packs and see what works best for you based on your requirements and preference. Because the bag you’re carrying must be comfortable or else the entire journey will seem strenuous.

Another thing to look for here is the suspension system. Here’s the thing-

Suspension systems make a rucksack quite comfortable to use. And most bags come with a proprietary suspension system. This transfers the weight from your shoulder down to your hips. Again, you need super comfortable shoulder straps that’ll help you carry the stuff easier.

A popular choice for bags with suspension is the Mountaineering Bag.

(Video) GI Assault Pack Setup

How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack- The Ultimate Guide - Survive Wild (3)How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack- The Ultimate Guide - Survive Wild (4)

Mountaineering Bag

  • Tear Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Made of nylon


The compartments in the pack play a major role in convenience. The number of compartments and how well the load is distributed are correlated.

So, having many small compartments is a waste of space since the load won’t be properly spread out. Thus, make sure to get a bag with the right size and number of compartments. This will also allow you to organize your gears and other tools properly.

Features That Make An Assault Pack Perfect

Assault packs are mini bags or pouches that are externally attached to your bag. These packs come in handy when carrying little gears, guns, extra ammunition, batteries, and things like that.

Now selecting the right kind of assault pack for the bag you picked is important. So, let’s look at some of the things that you need to consider while choosing your assault pack.


Assault packs must be of smaller volume. If you carry a large assault pack, it will be burdensome for you. To perfectly attach the assault pack to your rucksack, you must carry a small one. The ideal capacity for an assault pack is 15 liters.

For a militant, it could be 20 liters at best. Because a loading backpack should not weigh more than 20 percent of your body weight.

Too much weight on your shoulders can cause severe back pain and even harm your posture. So, buy the right volume of bag bearing in mind the amount of load you can carry.

Your assault pack content list must be small because there’s not much you can carry in these. So, make sure to carry lightweight objects for convenience.

Cinching Straps

Now you want your assault packs with cinching straps so you can squeeze them in through your rucksack strap holders.

(Video) Basics of Go Bags / 3 Day Assault Packs

Cinching straps are important for assault packs. Because if you pack light, you can easily tighten them. So, the assault pack won’t fall from the rucksack.


Yeah, we’re back with the MOLLE again. Now, here’s the thing-

You can attach one smaller pouch to the assault pack if your pack has the MOLLE feature on top of it. So, get yourself an assault pack with MOLLE attached to it. This way you can easily carry another mini pack with your assault pack. Which is pretty useful.

Light-Weight Material

Assault packs aren’t generally heavy-weight as these are smaller bags. But make sure you get the pack with the lightest material. So that the weight of the pack itself doesn’t wear you out. Moreover, you won’t have a sore back after the entire trip.

Now let us take a comparative look at the type of contents both the these bags can be used for-

Things You Can Carry In Assault PackThings You Can Carry In Rucksack
Extra ammunitionRuck plates
BatteriesEnergy food
Communication gearClothes and packaway jacket
ToolsMaps and compass
Cordage and emergency cordageTowel
Extra waterTorch
Cleaning kit and lubeEssential gadgets

How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack?

Well, attaching the assault pack to your rucksack is pretty easy unless you mix up the straps. That can be a clumsy mistake. So to avoid any sort of hassle, let’s take a look at the method of attaching an assault pack to the rucksack.

Step 1 of 5: Empty Both the Bags

Before you begin attaching the two bags, it is important to clear out all your belongings. Empty the bags completely for easy attachment. When the bags are light and empty, it becomes easier and faster to attach the assault pack to the rucksack.

Step 2 of 5: Placement of the Bags

Now the placement of the bags is quite simple. All you have to do is place the assault pack on top of the rucksack. Just make sure the bags are straight on top of each other and you should be done. The rucksack comes with many buckles so align the bags according to the buckles and straps.

Step 3 of 5: Attach the Straps to the Buckles

The rucksack will have multiple buckles on all sides of it for attachment. It should have two buckles at the top where there’s a handle. It should have two at the bottom and two on each side of the rucksack.

Similarly, the assault pack will have straps and buckles on its body as well.

You just need to cinch the straps of the assault pack and attach them to the buckle of the rucksack. Begin with the bottom ones and then move to the top. Once these are done, you can attach the side buckles as well.

Make sure to not tighten the straps right away because your bags are still empty.

Step 4 of 5: Fill the Bags

Now’s the time to fill up your rucksack and assault pack with all the necessary tools, gears, and items you need.

For a militant, it could be ammunition, ration packs, grenades, and many other things. But for a camper, there’s little to pack unless he or she prefers to be fully prepared for emergencies.

Now first pack the rucksack with all the items. Once the rucksack is fully packed, move on to the assault pack. Generally, assault packs contain fewer items because of their size.

Step 5 of 5: Tighten the Straps

Now that both the bags are filled, tighten all the straps. Cinch the straps until you feel the assault pack is completely secured to the rucksack. If you feel it’s tight enough, you’re ready.

How to Attach an Assault Pack with No Straps to Rucksack?

Now even though we’ve already mentioned buying the right kind of assault pack for your rucksack. What to do if the assault pack came with no straps? Well, don’t fret. You can still attach it to your rucksack.

(Video) How to Setup your AMAP III Assault Pack

You can use an extra strap or rope to tie your assault pack to the rucksack. Now it’s important to tie the rope very tightly to ensure the pack is completely secured to the bag.

Here’s our top recommendations for strong and durable straps.

XTACER Backpack Accessory StrapAyaport Utility Straps with BuckleMAGARROW 78″ x 1″ Strap Buckle Packing Straps
-Each strap has adjustable loop
-Suitable for camping, hiking
-Made of nylon
-Won’t curl under heavy duty
-Adjustable Length
-Wear Resistant
Grab it nowGrab it nowGrab it now

But don’t end up tying a knot that you can’t open. So always leave one end of the rope through so you can untie the pack.

You can also use this method in case your strap tears up in the middle of your trip or hike. Just to make sure you can get through the days.

Attaching A Second Pouch to the Assault Pack or Rucksack

You probably didn’t think you could carry two bags in one. Fortunately, you can carry three packs if all of them have MOLLE attached. So, since you do have this feature, you can simply attach the second pouch or assault pack to your rucksack by cinching down the straps.

These extra pouches are called Field pockets, in which you can only carry cartridges and batteries. But the size of the batteries and cartridges matters. For example, you can carry your 28 Nosler or 300 Win Mag cartridges or other ammunition. So, here’s how you can attach the field pocket to your assault pack or rucksack-

  • The assault pack has the MOLLE webs that are used for attaching the straps of the field pocket. Expose all the vertical straps from the webs and start tucking them into the webbing of the rucksack or assault pack.
  • Pack the strap into the first web of the assault pack or rucksack and then again pack it to the field pocket itself. Continue doing it till you reach the end of the webs. Now cinch the straps to tighten it.
  • Now you just tuck in all the straps to the top of each of the web on your field pocket. The pocket will now be completely secured to the bag.

From these instructions, all your queries about how to attach an ILBE assault pack or MOLLE assault pack should be clear.

How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack- The Ultimate Guide - Survive Wild (5)

Quick Tip On Heavy Load And Body Posture

To get the maximum stability of your backpack and to protect your back, load it in an organized way. For example, load the heaviest equipment next to your back and keep it in the center of the pack. Pack the medium-weight gears towards the top and light-weight gears at the bottom.

This way you’ll have a balance of the weight and feel more comfortable carrying it around.

Moreover, be very cautious about not overloading your pack. As mentioned before, try not to exceed 25%-30% of your ideal body weight, while loading the pack. This maintains a good balance and avoids back pain. Also, make sure the straps are tight enough. This way the weight will not be sagging on your shoulders and save your body posture.

How to Attach Assault Pack to Rucksack- The Ultimate Guide - Survive Wild (6)


Question: How much weight can I carry in a 15-liter assault pack?

Answer: Assault packs are generally used for carrying lightweight gears. For a 15-liter assault pack, the ideal weight is 3 kgs.

Question: What is a MOLLE pack?

Answer: A MOLLE pack is also called Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment which is used in bags to externally attach other small pouches.

Question: How much do soldiers carry in their packs?

(Video) Basic Assault Pack / Day Pack / 24h pack setup

Answer: Soldiers and Marines carry about 60-100 pounds of gears including body armor, weapons, and batteries. For a heavy-duty mission, they may even carry heavier bags.


Attaching an assault pack to your rucksack is quite quick and easy. The tricky part is choosing the right backpack for your trip or the hike. But we’ve given a detailed insight on all the important factors you need to know for attaching an assault pack to your rucksack.

We hope we’ve cleared up all your concerns regarding how to attach assault pack to rucksack by now. And you’re successful in doing so.


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What are assault packs used for? ›

An assault pack is a pack which helps you to sustain you and your unit with the very essentials during combat and immediate approach to combat. An assault pack is sized between 10 and a max of 30 liters.

How do you use a tactical backpack? ›

How to Pack a Tactical Backpack. Think of packing a 24-hour tactical backpack like building a pyramid. Put heavy items on the bottom, medium-weight items in the middle and light items on top. This configuration is best for your back and usually easiest to carry, especially if you're making a long trek.

How do you set up a ruck? ›

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How do you pack a military pack? ›

At the bottom of the backpack, place the heavy items, like your sleeping bag, clothes, as well as the heaviest pieces of tools and hygiene items. The heavy items go at the bottom to maintain fair weight distribution. If your bag comes with an external frame, secure your tent with the loops and straps provided.

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A rucksack is a larger backpack that is typically best for longer excursions or rucking. They have many compartments and are made to carry a lot of gear and weight. Assault packs are smaller backpacks that are ideal for soldiers to carry combat essentials on small missions.

How do you pack a survival backpack? ›

What to put in your survival backpack?
  1. Knife. As the saying goes, "pack a knife save a life". ...
  2. Survival Straw. These straws are plastic tubes with built in filters that do all the hard work of purifying water for you. ...
  3. Warm Clothing. ...
  4. Map. ...
  5. Compass. ...
  6. Two Metre Length of Rope. ...
  7. Head Torch. ...
  8. Waterproof Matches.
22 Sept 2022

What is a military backpack called? ›

A military backpack, also called a MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment, pronounced like the name "Molly"), is designed to adjust the amount of equipment a soldier carries.

What are the small loops on backpack for? ›

Also known as gear loops, the loops on a backpack are extra room for anything you don't want to put in your backpack. You can attach gear pieces, hang damp clothes and gear or carry souvenirs and other unusual items that need extra room.

How big is a 3 day assault pack? ›

Typically, three day packs are marketed in the 30-50 liter (1830-3050 ci) size. You'll want something that can effectively hold all the equipment you'll be carrying. This will include your food, shelter, sleeping, and clothing equipment.

How much weight can an assault pack carry? ›

The Assault Pack of the USMC Pack system has an approximate internal volume of 1525 cubic inches in the main compartment and 300 cubic inches in the front pocket. The Main Pack and Assault Pack components are capable of carrying a maximum combined load of 120 pounds.

What is a patrol pack? ›

Patrol pack, the top section of the shoulder straps are attached to a metal ring and can be replaced. The bottom portion of the strap is sewn into the pack. Assault pack, the top section of the shoulder straps are sewn into the pack and can not be replaced, while the bottom portion of the strap can be replaced.

What ruck does the army use? ›

Q: What rucksack does the military use? A: Most of the Army use the modular lightweight load-carrying equipment MOLLE II packs. The Marine Corps uses a similar version called the Improved Load-Bearing Equipment, or ILBE.

What ruck do you use in Ranger school? ›

The students wear/ carry ACUs/OCPs, boots, fighting load carrier (FLC), patrol cap, head lamp, an M4 rifle, and a Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) rucksack. The designated packing list is a 35-pound rucksack with an additional 12 pounds of water totaling 47 pounds.

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A properly fitting backpack should comfortably transfer approximately 80 percent of its weight to your hips and lower body, 20 percent to the front of your shoulders, and exactly zero to the top of your shoulders.

How do you wrap a rucksack? ›

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What's the difference between rucksack and backpack? ›

Backpacks can come in all shapes and sizes. Some have a large zipped opening and nothing else, and others include a number of pockets, straps and other features. Rucksacks, on the other hand, typically have additional pockets and chest or hip belts for carrying a heavier load.

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What is the best way to pack a rucksack for wild camping? ›

Pack it down as tightly as you densely as you can, leaving no air space. Next is the heaviest items. This is all one big section so you don't really need to think about what you'll need first. However, do try and keep it organised and upright with the heaviest items along the back of the rucksack.

How do I add weight to my rucksack? ›

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Is a 30 lb backpack too heavy? ›

Pack Weight for Backpacking and Hiking

A loaded backpacking pack should not weigh more than about 20 percent of your body weight. (If you weigh 150 pounds, your pack should not exceed 30 pounds for backpacking.) A loaded day hiking pack should not weigh more than about 10 percent of your body weight.

How do you load a heavy backpack? ›

For maximum stability, load your backpack so the heaviest equipment is next to your back and centered in the pack. Medium-weight gear should be carried toward the top and outside portion of the pack and lightweight gear, like your sleeping bag, should be packed in the bottom.

Is backpack a good gift? ›

Backpacks are quite possibly the perfect bag for just about everyone. They are lightweight, simple and handy and they are great for everyday use. No matter what you need to carry, from books and your laptop to camera equipment, clothing, lunch or your gym gear, a backpack will make the task that much easier.

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Are rucksacks allowed on planes? ›

Most airlines allow carry-on luggage that measures up to a maximum of 22 x 14 x 9 inches. In terms of volume, backpacks that are 40-45 liters are good as a carry-on. Anything bigger than that might require you to have it checked in instead.

What backpack does the military use? ›

Since then, law enforcement, firefighters, emergency responders, and military personnel have trusted 5.11 Tactical in the field. Take a look at this small, water-resistant 5.11 Rush12 Tactical Backpack with self-repairing YKK zippers.

What is an Army backpack called? ›

A military rucksack is a backpack that is sturdy and has a large capacity. There is a lot more space in these backpacks than in a day pack. In addition to the MOLLE system, military rucksacks include several other features.


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