Stitch Golf Favorites: 8 Gift Ideas for Men - Sarah Tucker (2023)

Last week I had the best time attending the Stitch Golf grand opening in Palm Beach Gardens. It was a joy and honor to meet so many wonderful people behind a brand I have worked with for years. If you’ve been following along here for a while, chances are you’ve heard me rave about Stitch Golf a time or two (or three or four!) What can I say? We love all things Stitch Golf in my home!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I was recently looking back at previous men’s gift guides to gather some ideas for JB. I quickly noticed that I included Stitch Golf items on almost all of them, starting way back with this gift guide in 2018! You know a brand is good when you’ve been singing its praises for 5 years and still feel just as excited about it today as you did on day one! Considering their products are found scattered throughout my men’s gift guides, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my favorites all in one place. Today I’m going to share a little bit about this brand along with eight of my favorite Stitch Golf gift ideas for men.

What is Stitch Golf?

This brand was founded by Charlie Burgwyn in 2012 in Cary, NC. He originally focused solely on custom headcovers. In 2018, the founder’s former golf coach, Brad King, joined the business as CEO. They then expanded the company to include apparel, golf bags, travel bags, and more. Their main mission is “to help people dress their game, arrive in style, and have everything their wardrobe needs to take them from work to play”.

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I love Charlie and Brad’s story and how the two men were originally just a boy and his coach, who turned into friends and now business partners! A great coach can be so impactful in a child’s life and it’s so special when those relationships continue into adulthood.

Why We Love Stitch Golf

When I say “we” love Stitch Golf, I’m not just talking about me and JB, but my entire family! My dad, brother, brother-in-law, father-in-law…everyone loves this brand! And I mean loves. Molly shared this video of my dad dancing around in Stitch Golf apparel a few months ago and I think the video says it all. He really is passionate about their clothing! Their designs are timeless with a touch of modern and vintage – the perfect combination!

Beyond their neat designs, the quality of Stitch Golf products is exceptional. Their golf shirts are unlike any others in my husband’s closet, so incredibly soft. They also don’t wear out like others tend to do. Years later, they still look and feel brand new! And it’s not just their golf apparel we all love. Their golf bags are stylish and very well-designed and their travel bags are good for anyone, not just golfers. The thought that goes into each Stitch Golf product is very evident in the quality, functionality, and longevity of each one.

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Stitch Golf Favorites: 8 Gift Ideas for Men - Sarah Tucker (1)

Stitch Golf Gifts for Men

Over the years, golf has completely taken over my family. Although I’m not an avid golfer, I will admit that an afternoon out on the course is pretty nice! Since so many men I know are golfers, I started putting together golf gift guides with JB’s help (you can find some previous ones here and here). Needless to say, Stitch Golf has shown up on almost all of these gift guides! Whether I’m looking for a Father’s Day gift, a men’s birthday gift, or a Valentine’s Day gift, I’ve learned that golf gifts are always a safe bet. Here are some of my current favorite gifts for men from Stitch Golf – You can use code SARAHT20% for 20% off your order!

1. Classic Men’s Golf Polo

This product is at the very top of my family’s Stitch Golf favorites, so it only seems right to start here! Their signature polos are incredibly soft, moisture-wicking, UPF 50, and feature special under-buttons to ensure the collar stays up. JP loves them, my dad loves them, and honestly, I love the way they look more than any other golf shirt!

2. SL2 Golf Bag

Stitch Golf describes this as “the perfect walking bag” and I think many would agree. It has tons of neat and practical features including plenty of pockets (one insulated for drinks), a two-shoulder harness system, and wider stand feet for improved stability. Possibly the biggest perk of Stitch Golf bags is that they’re made from a special product that is as strong as leather while being more durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. Basically, this is the ultimate bag for a man who walks courses every weekend!

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3. SL1 Golf Bag

The SL1 golf bag is a best-seller and a favorite at Stich Golf. This bag is more of a minimalist bag compared to the SL2. It’s lighter with less storage and a nice, sleek design. This is a great golf bag for traveling or for a quick round when you don’t want to carry as much stuff. I also love the personalization options on this one.

4. Ultimate Garment Bag

Stitch Golf has some wonderful travel bags that are great for all men, not just golfers! I love that this bag doubles as both a duffle bag and also a garment bag. It’s durable, lightweight, and water-resistant. This is one of JB’s favorites for weekend trips, as it makes packing so easy!

5. The Day Traveler Bag

The Day Traveler is another Stitch Golf bag that we love! It’s great for everyday use, whether it’s for packing a change of clothes for after work or a quick overnight trip. It’s small and compact (because let’s face it, men simply don’t carry around as much “stuff” as women) and it can easily be carried using the side handles or shoulder straps.

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6. Kensington Hoodie

This is the type of hoodie your man will reach for over and over again, which means it’s the perfect gift! The style is timeless but also elevated, allowing it to be paired with joggers around the house or layered over a polo while out to dinner. And it’s made from super soft merino wool, so be warned…you might end up wanting to borrow this hoodie for yourself!

7. Bedford Corduroy Pants

These Stitch Golf corduroy pants are a classic staple piece for men. Once again, they are incredibly soft (are you seeing a pattern here?) and well-made. They feature a stretch waistband that any man will appreciate and look great paired with the Kensington hoodie or a vest.

8. Multiuse Traveler Bag

Ok, I might have saved the best for last because this bag is pure genius! The Multiuse Traveler Bag transitions from an everyday duffle bag to a golf travel bag with a single zip. I love that the same bag can be used for golf trips or a weekend getaway, lessening the need to purchase to two separate ones. Bravo, Stitch Golf!

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Favorite Stitch Golf Products

Getting to know brands that I truly love has been such a gift over my years in this business. Stitch Golf is absolutely one of those brands and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! I hope these men’s gift ideas from Stitch Golf are helpful the next time you’re shopping, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because. And if you ever have questions about their products, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me a DM! For additional men’s gift ideas, check out my Valentine’s Day gift guide, golf gift guide, Father’s Day gift guide, and men’s holiday gift guide.


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