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Chapter Text

The movie opens up with bright yellow text.

"1,000 years ago, the world of Archanea was in great ruin. The dark lord, Medius, had reigned supreme, ushering in an era of darkness and tyranny."

The yellow text fades as new text takes its place.

"However, his reign would not remain forever. The great warrior, Anri, was gifted the Falchion and the Fire Emblem, to which he used to bring an end to Medius' forces along with his evil empire. With the power of the Fire Emblem, Medius was locked away for eternity."

Once again the yellow text faded away and was replaced.

"Following the end of Medius, the world managed to rebuild and lived in relative peace and harmony under the new kingdom, Archanea. However, unknown to the rest of the world, the evil sorcerer had plotted against the new world order, and has successfully managed to take over Archanea, plunging the continent into another era of darkness."

The yellow text faded and was replaced by one final set of yellow text.

"As Gharnef reigns supreme, he now seeks to revive the dark lord and rule the world for all eternity.”

The yellow text faded to black.

The movie opens up with an open battlefield and two armies that stood on opposite ends of the field.

The sun had just risen over the hilltops, illuminating the fields where two small bands of warriors were preparing for battle. On one side stood a group of knights, their armor polished and shining in the sunlight. They formed a tight formation, their horses pawing at the ground and their swords at the ready. On the other side were a motley crew of foot soldiers armed with rough spears and shields. They looked ragged and unorganized, but their eyes burned with a fierce determination.

As the two sides approached each other, the knights spurred their horses forward, their lances aimed at the enemy. The foot soldiers tightened their formation, bracing themselves for the impact. The clash was fierce and chaotic, swords and spears thudding against armor and shields.

The foot soldiers fought with ferocity, darting in and out of the knights' formations and striking at them from behind. The knights fought back with their superior training and weaponry, cutting through ranks of their opponents with brutal efficiency.

The battle raged on for hours, each side taking heavy losses. Bodies littered the field, blood staining the ground beneath them. But as the sun began to set, it became clear that the knights had the upper hand. They had managed to break through the foot soldiers' defenses and were now pursuing them across the field.

In the end, the knights emerged victorious, but at great cost. Many of their comrades had fallen in battle, and the survivors were battered and bruised. But they had proven their valor and won the day.

The scene then cuts to a small group of horse riding knights approaching a sacred temple.

The dark hooded figure, who led the charge, raised their arm up, putting the pursuit to a halt.


"What shall we do, Lord Gharnef?"


"What we must."

The pursuers hopped off their horses and marched to the sacred temple.

As they approached the temple, the knights could sense the powerful magic emanating from within. They drew their swords and prepared to fight any defenders who stood in their way. The temple was a formidable structure, its walls adorned with intricate symbols and filled with ancient relics and spellbooks.

As the knights breached the temple's gates, they were met by a wave of magic. The magic users, who wore silk blue robes and blue wizard hats, had already detected their approach and were prepared to defend the light. Spells flew left and right, lighting up the temple with bursts of energy.

Gharnef and the knights fought their way through the defenders, cutting down those who opposed them with ruthless efficiency. They moved deeper into the temple, their sights locked firmly on the shining lights’ location.

But as they approached the chamber, they were met by the most powerful magic user of the temple. The magic user conjured up a powerful barrier that blocked the knights' path. This magic user was played by Ian McKellen, who was dressed exactly like Gandalf.


"Ah, Gotoh.”

I. McKellen(Gotoh)

"Did you really think we would allow you to waltz in here and steal the Emblem? Fools!"

Gharnef walked closer to the barrier, sending shivers down Gotoh's spine as the sorcerer approached closer.

Gharnef raised his arms out, allowing black magic to form from his hands.

I. McKellen(Gotoh)

"You cannot defeat me! I have taught you everything!"


“Indeed you have, and ever since then…I have grown more powerful than you!”

Gharnef’s dark magic had shattered Gotoh’s magic barrier, sending the old mage flying backwards onto the ground.

The knights quickly ran over to the Emblem while Gharnef approached the fallen mage with a sinister smirk across his face.

I. McKellen(Gotoh)

"Your evil deeds will not go unpunished, Gharnef…"


"I will be hailed as the hero who brought peace and glory to the world! You? You won't even be remembered at all."

Gharnef held out his right hand to summon and grip his silver sword.

I. McKellen(Gotoh)

“You think you’ve won…but even now…there are those who shall rise against your tyranny.”

Gharnef chuckled as he took pity on his old master.


“Then they too..."

Gharnef paused for a brief moment


“Shall die.”

Gharnef pierced the mage in the chest with his silver sword, killing the old man instantly.


"Prepared to extract the Emblem, lord Gharnef."

Gharnef approached the shiny golden Emblem as it remained floating in mid-air. The sight of the Fire Emblem and its gemstones was so beautiful, Gharnef had to remove his dark hood to catch a glimpse with his own eyes. Upon removing the hood, it is revealed that Gharnef was played by Nicolas Cage.

Gharnef’s attachment to the shining Emblem was interrupted by the remaining group of magic users, who wasted no time in unleashing their spells against the intruders.

Gharnef quickly placed his hood over his head and faced the attacking mages.

N. Cage(Gharnef)

"Extract it."

The knights retrieved the Emblem and fought their way out of the temple, with the magic users in hot pursuit.

Once outside, the group hopped back onto their horses and rode hard and fast back to their kingdom, knowing that they had accomplished their mission at great cost. The Emblem was theirs, but they had made enemies among the remaining magic users who would seek revenge.

N. Cage(Gharnef)

“With the Fire Emblem now in our grasp, we shall be one step closer to reviving our lord, Medius!”


“All that remains is retrieving the Falchion from the prince.”

N. Cage(Gharnef)

“And soon we shall. Once we locate Prince Marth, he will be helpless to stop us, Bwahahaha!”

The intruders rode off into the sun set.

The movie cuts to Tom Holland, who has blue hair, abruptly waking up from a nightmare.

T. Holland(Marth)


While in bed, Marth began to breathe heavily as he placed his palm against his forehead. His eyes, wide open, began to dart around the room, trying to establish where he was and what was happening. Marth’s attention was caught by something gold, and so he fixed his gaze on a golden sword, which rested against the wooden wall in front of the entrance door.

T. Holland(Marth)


Marth’s breathing began to slow down as the realization of his situation began to place him back into ease.

T. Holland(Marth)

“My new journey…”

The movie cut to black with the title, in big red letters, read:

Fire Emblem

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