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Top 755 Costco Reviews (1)

Sherwin of North York, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 13, 2022

After a long outing with the family and completing over 300$ in groceries I realized I forgot my Costco card and somehow I forgot all my I.D. at HOME in another pants, unabe to purchase much-needed groceries! I shamefully asked the patron in front of me if she could let me be a guest on her card only to be denied. Thankfully the supervisor Tamara at Costco in Etobicoke saw what was happening and was able to get me a temporary card with the help of Novolette. They were both exceptionally pleasant and professional even keeping my wife and baby entertained while I made them wait for me to sort out my own mess.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (2)

Marissa of Wake Forest, NC Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 11, 2022

I ordered a computer on Black Friday through A week later I received the shipping box EMPTY. No computer in the box. I immediately called customer service. They explained to me that the situation would have to be “investigated” and that I would receive the next steps as to what I needed to do in 24 to 48 hours. I asked to speak to a supervisor because I was so upset that I was out $1200 with nothing to show for it knowing very well that nobody cares that I didn’t receive my computer. The supervisor told me that I needed to file a police report in order to expedite my refund even though the shipping box had no evidence of tampering. I was treated suspiciously on the phone by the supervisor and I was outraged.

It has now been over a week and I still have not heard from anybody from Costco. I am completely in the dark. All I keep getting are standardize emails telling me that they are taking longer than normal to respond to emails. I have learned my lesson that I will NEVER order another thing through Costco online. They have lost my trust completely. I should’ve just gone to the Apple store. I would’ve received way better treatment through their customer service.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (3)

Hector of Miami, FL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Dec. 10, 2022

I purchased a washer and drier combo, not even the one we wanted but that one was on backorder. So we purchased this one. I stated delivery date of December 10th, today is that day and nothing so I called after a few minutes they came back and said, "Sorry. Backed ordered. It will be ready for delivery January 30th." I explained all above to them and never received an email or call telling me of the delay so I'm at home waiting for my washer and drier. They said it can be cancelled but I explained about the Black Friday specials and this does nothing for the situation unless they are willing to honor the same discount but they said no. I order plenty from Costco and usually all is good but now on an item that is needed they dropped the ball. Cautionary tale, don't trust anything, call on everything especially Costco as they show to have poor follow through or followup.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (4)

Patrick of Snoqualmie, WA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 2, 2022

I learned my lesson to not buy appliances from Costco. I purchased a dishwasher from Costco on 11/24. I was given a delivery date on 12/1 and install on 12/2. Delivery was 7 hours after time I was given with zero notice. Install company notified me morning of scheduled day that the installation date was being delayed one week due to a high number of orders. I called their customer service line and was offered $50 or I needed to find a plumber to complete the install. I had to make a decision on the spot and they didn't care about the lost time and inconvenience of me having to hire my own plumber to complete the install. Again, installation was to be included in the price. I was treated like a number and not a member! Buyer beware!

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (5)

Sally of Edmonton, Other Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Nov. 17, 2022

First off, I love my Costco Warehouse and this review is of my experience in Edmonton with purchase of countertops. They use 3rd party contractors and in my case FloForm countertops, who are the most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. I have a quote with an itemized list without prices and just a total at the bottom, and my Costco contract is a carbonized form with out to date contact info and a summary of what is being done and a total amount. Had a very hard time tracking down someone to talk to at Costco Installation as I called their phone number and was told that my concerns would be passed to a manager and they would get back to me, but no one ever did.

I ended up going to my local warehouse and the Manager there was very helpful and contacted someone on my behalf. I went to various stone places and received quotes and had Costco come for a consult. I chose Costco as I love Costco and my past experience in buying large items has always been positive, however I learned that their installation services are a different beast. First they charge full price upfront. This takes away a consumer's power as once they have your money you have no leverage if things go south, and they did.

Floform's professional consultant came and we discussed what I wanted done and I showed her photos of what I was looking for. She talked me out of the glass tiles I wanted for a backsplash in the kitchen and suggested a more trendy style. She came with small samples and did not advise that there would be a possibility of large black areas in the quartz which are very prevalent and it doesn't look anything like what I chose and it looks terrible. There were so many issues with this job, ugly quartz, they measured wrong so countertop in kitchen did not fit, then was told couldn't get anymore and I had to pick a new pattern. I researched and found it was only out of stock but they did not advise this but told me it was discontinued. Then they wanted to use remnants as they had pieces so I would have had seams, NO.

This company upsells you the highest prices item and since they only have an office in Edmonton and their inventory is in Saskatchewan, you can't go look at your slab prior to being profiled so you get what you get and you have no recourse. I paid almost $20,000 for two 30" bathroom countertops, sinks, faucets and small kitchen countertop, backsplash, and faucet, and I hate it all and am now looking at having to replace my bathroom countertop and my backsplash. This company, approved by Costco, does not communicate with its clients, nor internally as I got a different story from each person I spoke to.

It was a very torturous experience, very costly. Granite/quartz is sold by the slab and I was told that since they were a large company it wouldn't be any more costly to do each counter in a different pattern. I paid almost $8000 for kitchen and one bathroom countertop and $2500 for the other bathroom countertop. If I have not trusted my gut and gone with another stone provided, I could have done all three countertops with one slab (from other estimates) for $5000 instead of the $8000 for the slab purchased through Costco.

This was the most difficult experience and I would say that you are better of using someone other than Costco Installation for Countertops in Edmonton. They do offer a $1000 gift card and that draws people in but the customer service is totally lacking and you will have a very unpleasant experience if you use this company. I do not recommend costco installation service and I would stay as far away from floform coutnertops as you possibly can.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (6)

Jennifer of Hamilton, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 6, 2022

No matter issues big companies never care about small or 1 customer. If anyone has ever had an issue please contact me MORE. Get way farther. I just keep having bad experiences and no one ever cares. They laugh it off.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (7)

Simon of St. Leonard, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 24, 2022

On 15 June 2021, my son gave me a 55" Hisense TV which he bought from Costco on that same day and paid for extended guarantee. The TV stopped working on 5 October 2022 and a complaint was filed with Costco (complaint no. **). On a telephone conversation on the 6th of October 2022, Costco promised to sent their technician to check, and he came the following day. He declared that the TV could not be repaired and submitted his report on the same day to Costco. Since then, this is how Costco has been dribbling me:

They gave me an e-mail address to send the receipt which I did. They also promised to send their repairer to look at the TV on 7 October and he came. Three days later when I tried to follow up, this is what they said: "We didn’t receive any complaint from you; your complaint was filed to the wrong place; the TV was wrongly priced etc." They finally said they have not yet heard from the Repairer who was sent here last Friday to check, and promised to contact him and update me in two to three business days. I contacted the Repairer and he confirmed he sent them his report on the same Friday of 7 October!

Four business days later, I was on the phone with Costco for almost two hours only to be told that the TV cannot be repaired. They also said they were discussing reimbursement and after which I will be required to bring the old one with the Credit Card to buy a new one. I was told that someone will reach out to me in the next two to three business days.

Today, 24 October 2022, I stayed on the phone with Costco again for almost two hours only to be told that someone will reach out to me in the next five to ten business days! What a mess? I Last time they had told me of two to three business days. I am beginning to wonder whether they really want to resolve the problem. They just keep shifting the goalpost.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (8)

Dennis of Woodinville, WA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Oct. 18, 2022

I ordered a dishwasher on-line. The on-line info said I would need a deliery appointment and an installation appointment. I was told I would be contacted by the installation company to set an appointment. The information implied that installation could take place the day of delivery. The dishwasher was delivered this morning, but I had not heard from the installation company (Transmotion Inc.) so I called them. They told me the soonest they could install it was 9 days from now because they "don't have anyone in my area right now." I'm very disappointed with this poor service. We'll have 9 days with a large box blocking the kitchen and no working dishwasher.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (9)

Malka of Encino, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 11, 2022

Terrible Experience. Wasted my time. I wanted to order a dishwasher. Costco requests that you purchase a membership in order to place an order which I did. I paid $66. The payment was approved and processed. I then purchased the DW. Was waiting for delivery. I received an email instead telling me that my order was declined. Called... placed on hold for an hour... transferred...on hold for 32 min... agent told me that my billing address does not match the delivery address. Ridiculous. I used the same credit card for the membership which was approved. I called my bank and asked them to approve the amount. Bank said that they have no idea what is Costco's problem. Apparently, the Dishwasher was not in stock and they came up with rubbish. I finally ordered from Kitchenaid. Just wasted my time. This place is for people who have plenty of time to go to the locations. I don't.

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Top 755 Costco Reviews (10)

Jennifer of Schenectady, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 3, 2022

I really thought better of Costco and when I saw we had to wait 4 weeks for delivery of a washer and dryer, I accepted it. Finally the day is tomorrow, Tue Oct 4 and we got a call this morning confirming. Good I rest easy. Then just now at 6pm I get a text saying "confirmed for Friday Oct 7". WHAT??? I call the number... no answer of course and I leave a message. Scramble to find my Costco order confirmation and call that number. First agent, puts me on a hold to figure it out and then 10 min later never comes back but another agent does. "The delivery didn't come in Saturday as it was supposed to so it's now Friday" THEN WHY ARE YOU JUST NOW TELLING ME?? Since I will be out of town and no one else will be here Friday, guess what: next available is in another 2 weeks. WHAT A JOKE! order elsewhere.

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How do I see Costco reviews? ›

Use the following steps to enable this feature:
  1. On, scroll down to the footer and select Cookie Settings.
  2. Click Personalized Advertising in the left column.
  3. Next, toggle this option to Active and select Confirm My Choices. Product reviews should now be visible.

How do I leave a review for Costco? ›

You can click the “Feedback” tab on the right side of the screen or scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Feedback”. Costco Mobile App: Apple Device: Tap the “More” button, then select “App Feedback”. Android Device: Open the main menu and select “Feedback”.

Does Costco have a good reputation? ›

One of the country's most respected retailers, Costco has a reputation for loyal members, happy workers and fat-pocketed investors.

How is it to work at Costco? ›

Costco is a fun place to work. It's hard work and schedules vary a lot. Excellent benefits and good pay. There is a lot of room for growth if you are willing to work hard and be flexible.

What is the best day of the week to shop at Costco? ›

Best time to go to Costco: Weekday afternoons

If you want to visit Costco, the best time tends to be during the week, Tuesday through Thursday, between the hours of 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. This two-hour window is after the lunch rush, but just before people start showing up after their workday.

Which is better Sam's Club or Costco? ›

Does Costco or Sam's Club Have Better Prices? Overall, the prices at Costco tend to be cheaper. However, Sam's Club has a greater selection of name-brand products and a cheaper membership fee.

Does Costco ban you if you return too much? ›

So, if you're caught not-so-sneakily returning old, used products, you might find yourself on Costco's blacklist, which could include a lifetime ban from ever buying a Costco membership again. All returns are up to the discretion of the store manager, too.

What is the best way to leave a review? ›

Tips for writing great reviews
  1. Be informative and insightful: Be specific and relevant to the place you're reviewing, and describe what other visitors are likely to experience. ...
  2. Be authentic: Review your own experience, and explain what the place was like and the service you received.

How do I leave a 5 star review? ›

Table of contents
  1. Provide useful, constructive feedback.
  2. Talk about a range of elements, including customer service.
  3. Be detailed, specific, and honest.
  4. Leave out links and personal information.
  5. Keep it civil and friendly.
  6. Feel free to update your review if needed.
  7. Check you've got the right domain name or company.

What is Costco's number 1 seller? ›

Costco's most popular product is its toilet paper. Costco sells over a billion rolls a year.

What are costcos weaknesses? ›

Costco's Weaknesses (Internal Strategic Factors)
  • Limited product mix.
  • Exclusivity to members.
  • Low profit margins.
Feb 6, 2017

What is the most popular item at Costco? ›

Top 7 Items Purchased From Costco in the US
  • Toilet Paper. We all know how essential toilet paper is, and that was driven home even more potently during the pandemic when stores could hardly keep it on the shelves. ...
  • Hot Dogs. ...
  • Kirkland Hickory Smoked Bacon. ...
  • Rotisserie Chicken. ...
  • Gasoline. ...
  • Major Appliances. ...
  • Gift Cards.
Jan 17, 2023

Do Costco employees get free food? ›

And it's more than just a competitive paycheck. They get a free Costco membership, a free turkey during Thanksgiving, time-and-a-half pay on Sundays, and more. Spoiler alert: Costco employees even get to shop without customers in the store.

What is the best position at Costco? ›

According to Careerbliss, the vice president of retail sales is the highest-earning employee at Costco, with an average annual salary of $201,000.

How many vacation days do Costco employees get? ›

Paid vacation
No paid vacation days25%
1-5 days22%
6-9 days19%
10-20 days21%
21-30 days11%
1 more row

What is Costco's slowest day? ›

Afternoons, Tuesday - Thursday is a sweet spot to shop if you have time during the weekday. Timing is of the essence — after the lunch rush, but before the after-work crowd.

What is the slowest time to go to Costco? ›

Avoid weekends as they're typically a madhouse. The best time to shop, and avoid the crowd, is during the week about an hour or two after they open. What is this? According to Cormath, a Costco employee, “In my experience it slows down a bit about an hour to an hour and half after open at my warehouse.

What day of the week does Costco restock? ›

Costco gets shipments every day. The restocking schedule varies by location, but the shipments generally arrive in the evening. Therefore, most restocking activities usually occur on the night shift, between 4 am and the store's opening time.

What does .99 mean at Costco? ›

If you're looking at a Costco item and the price ends in . 99, there's no rush to buy the item unless you need it now. The . 99 numbers signify that it's a full price item not likely to be discontinued anytime soon.

Who is cheaper Sams or Costco? ›

Costco may be more expensive on paper compared to Sam's Club. For example, a basic Costco membership is $60 compared to $45 for Sam's Club. However, you can save more money overall by shopping at Costco and have a better experience, which could close that gap depending on your needs.

Is Walmart or Costco cheaper? ›

Costco is known for its ultra-low prices on bulk items. But Walmart offers really low prices, too. As such, it's very hard to say which of the two stores offers the best deals, because often, that will boil down to the specific things you're looking for.

Can I return something I bought 2 years ago at Costco? ›

We ask that you return the merchandise: within thirty (30) days of purchase; in the original packaging; with a Costco receipt.

Can I return an item to Costco after 3 years? ›

Costco calls it their “Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee” and with very few product exceptions, they'll refund you the purchase price if not completely satisfied. What is this? Pretty much everything in the warehouse is returnable with no time limit. No questions asked.

Can I return something to Costco after 10 years? ›

Costco does not have a time limit on its return policy for most items.

What should you not say in a review? ›

11 Things to Never Say During Your Performance Review
  • "That wasn't my fault"
  • “Yes, yes, yes”
  • “You said/you did...”
  • “But…”
  • "It was really a team effort"
  • “This isn't fair”
  • “Can I have a raise?"
  • "That's not part of my job description"
Nov 4, 2020

What should you not do in a review? ›

10 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Employee's Annual Review
  • Not giving enough notice. ...
  • Winging the conversation. ...
  • Providing only one point of view. ...
  • Doing all of the talking. ...
  • Covering too much. ...
  • Focusing on personality. ...
  • Blindsiding with negative feedback. ...
  • Providing feedback that is too vague.

Can you delete a review you left? ›

In the top left, click Menu. Then click “Your contributions” and choose “Reviews.” Next to the review you want to edit or delete, click “More.” Choose an option and follow the instructions.

Should I reply to 5 star reviews? ›

A 5-star rating is always a good thing, even if it's unaccompanied by an actual review. Replying to 5-star reviews shows that you care. Samples of how to reply to customer positive feedback: “Thanks for sharing your rating with us and the community.”

What do you say in a 5 star review without comments? ›

Here are five ways to respond to a 5-star rating with no text:
  • “Thank you for your 5-star review rating! ...
  • “We're so grateful for your 5-star review. ...
  • “We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a 5-star review. ...
  • “We are beyond thankful for your 5-star review. ...
  • “Your 5-star review means a lot to us.
Aug 16, 2022

Can you ask for 5 star reviews? ›

Can you ask for 5-star Google reviews? While you can't pay people to leave reviews for your business or provide an incentive for them to leave reviews, asking loyal customers to leave Google reviews is both recommended and encouraged to help grow your business's online presence!

What is Costco's biggest loss? ›

Costco's bottom line certainly isn't hurt by its famed loss leader -- the rotisserie chicken. The plump and succulent chicken sells for $4.99, and Costco has resisted any calls to raise the price through the years, even though the company loses as much as $40 million a year on them, Reader's Digest reports.

Who is Costco's biggest customer? ›

Meet Costco's typical shopper

As per Insider, Costco's standard shopper is likely to be an Asian American married woman, has a college degree or higher level of education, is between the ages of 35 to 44, and makes more than $125,000.

Who is Costco's biggest competitor? ›

Walmart is Costco's biggest competitor. It has a much larger market position, higher earnings, and a much larger footprint.

How much does the average customer spend at Costco? ›

The average Costco shopper spends $114 a trip and goes every two weeks. That's more than $2,700 a year spent at Costco. Even the pandemic didn't slow down spending, with net sales reaching $163 billion in 2020.

Why are Costco's prices so low? ›

Costco is well-known for being a bulk retailer. This model ends up being financially favorable for the company. The reason why is quite simple: Costco receives a cheaper price for buying items in bulk, and then sells them back to the customer at a higher price than what they paid for the items.

Why is Costco dropping? ›

The sales shortfall sparked concern among investors that inflation and fears of a potential recession are driving consumers to pare back their discretionary spending. That could spell trouble for Costco's holiday-quarter results. Particularly worrisome were the retailer's online revenue figures.

What items is Costco discontinuing 2022? ›

love shared the following discontinued goodies with followers and fellow Costco lovers:
  • Kägi Milk Chocolate Wafers.
  • Creative Snacks Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Pretzels.
  • Bakery Bling Halloween Hideaway House Kit.
  • Coastal Cocktails Chocolate Cocoa Bombs.
  • Hoody's Cookies N' Cream Trail Mix.
Nov 30, 2022

What is Costco's signature brand? ›

Kirkland Signature™ | Costco.

Is Costco worth it for 2 people? ›

You only feed one or two people

Bigger is not necessarily better—especially when it comes to grocery shopping. While buying in bulk is a no-brainer for families, “if you are single and live alone, a Costco membership is not likely to save you money,” says Steven Millstein, editor of CreditRepairExpert.

Who gets bonuses at Costco? ›

Costco Executive Members receive a 2% Reward on qualified purchases (see calculation of 2% Reward below). Reward is capped at and will not exceed $1,000 for any 12-month period.

Does Costco give bonuses? ›

Multiple Yearly Bonuses

According to Costco's website, "we provide twice-yearly Extra Checks (bonuses) for long-tenured hourly employees."

Does Costco pay time and a half on Sundays? ›

Costco operates on a time-and-a-half pay structure on Sundays. That means each hour an employee works they earn 50% more. No matter how many hours an employee works during the week, they earn more per hour when working on a Sunday. So any employees you see there on one of the busiest days of the week are earning extra.

What's the easiest position at Costco? ›

What is the easiest job at Costco? The easiest job at Costco is front end assistant position. It's an entry-level job that requires you to be friendly, courteous, and helpful. A Costco front-end associate's primary responsibility is to greet customers and help them find what they are looking for.

How many hours is a shift at Costco? ›

Part timers will generally work 5-8 hours a day (25 hour/week minimum), and full timers are guaranteed 40hrs a week (8 hour days). There is typically plenty of overtime around the holidays too. 8 hours. After 8 hours Overtime is paid.

Is Costco hard to get hired? ›

It is not too hard to land a job at Costco, especially at the entry-level. You can land a high-paying job without a high school diploma at Costco. The entire hiring process takes about two weeks and involves two to three interviews, a drug test, and possibly an orientation week.

Does Costco pay extra on holidays? ›

Holidays. Beyond the company's paid time off and vacation policies for employees, Costco guarantees its staff seven paid holidays off, including the big ones of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. There's also a floating paid holiday for Martin Luther King Jr.

How much is your first raise at Costco? ›

If you work full-time, after your first year, you are guaranteed to go up $2 per hour per year in pay regardless of 'clerk' or 'assistant' level position in the warehouse. Clerk pay is higher and raises start at a dollar each as opposed to 50cents for the first few.

How much bonus do Costco employees get? ›

– Bonus Every 6 Months: According to this thread on, an employee talked about getting a $2,500 to $3,500 bonus every 6 months depending on years with Costco. – Annual Bonus up to $5,500: According to some employees get an annual bonus up to $5,500.

How do I check my product reviews? ›

Best Customer and Product Review Sites
  1. Amazon Customer Reviews.
  2. Angie's List.
  3. Choice.
  4. Trustpilot.
  5. TestFreaks.
  6. Which?
  7. ConsumerReports.
  8. Consumer Affairs.
Aug 11, 2021

What is the slowest day at Costco? ›

2. Best: Tuesday - Thursday afternoon. Afternoons, Tuesday - Thursday is a sweet spot to shop if you have time during the weekday. Timing is of the essence — after the lunch rush, but before the after-work crowd.

How can you tell if Costco is 2%? ›

If you're the Primary member on an Executive Membership, you can check your current 2% Reward estimate by signing in to your account. As long as you're verified, you'll see the estimate in the Membership Information section of your Account Details.

What is so good about the executive membership at Costco? ›

Executive Members earn an annual 2% Reward (up to $1,000) on qualified Costco, and Costco Travel** purchases, as well as greater discounts on Costco Services, such as lower prices on check printing and identity protection, and free roadside assistance for vehicles covered through the auto insurance program.

Where can I find real reviews? ›

Lucky for you, we've got some honest review sites.
  • Consumer Reports. What's one of the best ways to make sure a site is being honest? ...
  • CBD Oil Users. Once a niche product, CBD has entered the mainstream. ...
  • TestFreaks. ...
  • Engadget. ...
  • Honest Product Reviews. ...
  • The Wirecutter. ...
  • Edmunds.

What is the most trusted review site? ›

1. Amazon Customer Reviews. Amazon isn't just one of the first platforms to accept customer reviews. It's also one of the most trusted sources for consumers looking for more info before buying something online.

Is there an app for product reviews? ›

Trustpilot. Trustpilot is the world's most powerful review platform, helping your business collect and easily manage customer reviews. Trustpilot gives people a place to share and discover reviews of businesses, while giving every business the tools to turn consumer feedback into business results.

What is the most sold item at Costco? ›

Toilet paper

Yes, that's right! Costco's best-selling item is its Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue. It sells more than a billion rolls every year, bringing in over $400 million dollars in revenue. Costco's toilet paper is thicker and more absorbent than most other brands.

What does 49 mean at Costco? ›

If a Costco price tag ends in . 49, . 89, or . 79 it means Costco got a special deal from the manufacturer.

What does .97 mean at Costco? ›

While 007 means Bond in the rest of the world, in Costco, 007 means Sale. Big Sale. “If you see an item marked down and its price ends in . 97 or in an even . 00 (say, $5.00), then you know it's on clearance,” Clark says.

Is the $120 Costco membership worth it? ›

The $120 annual fee for the Executive card is worth it if you spend more than $500 a month, or $6,000 a year total at Costco on eligible purchases. This is the exact amount to break even on the extra yearly membership fees. Most purchases online and even the trips and bookings you make via Costco Travel qualify.

How much do you have to spend to make Costco executive worth it? ›

A Costco executive membership costs twice what a regular membership costs. It also puts cash in your pocket that could make that higher fee worth paying. If you spend at least $3,000 per year at Costco, an executive membership will pay off for you.

Does gas purchases go toward Costco Executive Membership? ›

Here's what Costco Executive Membership gets you

Eligible purchases include most grocery and household items but exclude tobacco products, gift cards, postage stamps, gas and alcohol in most states, as well as some services.

What is the best type of Costco membership? ›

The decision to upgrade your Costco membership or not should really be a simple one. If you'll earn enough cash back to justify an executive membership, go for it. Otherwise, stick to the basic plan if it works out better financially for you.


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